If you have decided to remodel or upgrade your space, the wardrobe renovation cost is probably one of the top things to consider. Preparing the budget for your wardrobe renovation depends upon the size of the wardrobe, its type, etc. This article will give you an overview of the average wardrobe renovation costs and expert tips on budgeting your wardrobe makeover.

What is the Cost of Renovating a wardrobe?

Your wardrobe renovation cost can depend upon several factors such as:

  1. Wardrobe Size

You can either go for a reachable, built-in wardrobe or a walk-in closet. Both come in different sizes but typically the built-in wardrobe is as deep as the width of a hanger. The standard size of a walk-in wardrobe is about 7X10 feet unless it is an upscale or luxury renovation. The bigger your wardrobe, the more the wardrobe renovation cost.

  1. Building from Scratch

If you are building a wardrobe from scratch where there was nothing previously, that will involve the services of a contractor. In addition, the  cost factors for a new wardrobe will significantly differ from a remodel.

  1. Inserts and Accessories

 One of the main reasons you are remodelling your wardrobe is to provide a place for all your belongings. This means including extra drawers, inserts, and cubbies. Your wardrobe renovation costs depend on the inserts you intend to have, from wire shelves to rods or custom cabins and other hardware.

Your wardrobe renovation budget will greatly depend upon the size of the closet, the type of organizers you use and the material of the organizers.

Other Factors that influence Wardrobe Renovation Cost

Professional Services – If you decide to hire a professional wardrobe organizer, their fees will hike up your budget. But when you hire a designer, you can save money in terms of maintenance and upkeep in the long run.

Change requests – You must remember that any change request in the middle of a wardrobe renovation project can get expensive. Therefore, finalise all your designs beforehand to avoid changes later.

How to Create a Budget for your Wardrobe Renovation

The first step in creating your wardrobe renovation budget is to hire a designer. The designer can bring clarity to the project and help you choose from the available options. With professional help, you can lay down a detailed budget for your wardrobe renovation with all components included.

A professional organizer will typically charge a flat fee initially and then a percentage of your purchase if you buy customized cabinetry or organization systems from him.

Tips to save money on Wardrobe Renovation

DIY - If you are looking to remodel your existing wardrobe space and make it a simple reach-in closet, it could be an interesting DIY project incurring the only minimum expenditure.

Use alternative materials – Although stock cabinets are the most affordable option for wardrobe cabinets, you can save significant money by choosing different materials. For instance, you can choose melamine instead of real wood or hardware with leather handle trims.

Different Organizers- Since cabinet hardware is expensive, you can save money by going for baskets, cubbies or bins over drawers and open shelves over stylish cupboards.


Before you take up the next wardrobe renovation project, you must first analyze your budget, determine your requirements, consider the project's actual cost, and make necessary cuts and modifications. If you plan your wardrobe makeover carefully and take professional help when needed, you can keep your wardrobe renovation cost to a minimum.