The thrill of a tradeshow amounts to little if one key ingredient is missing; attendees visiting your booth. Plenty goes into planning a fair, including making reservations, procuring the marketing materials, setting up, and lots more to make the most from the event.

The most colorful tent needs an extra boost to attract and entertain attendees. Games, contests, prize wheels, or trivia break the ice and create a less formal environment to strike a conversation. After all, customers are more open to the product or experience when they are more relaxed. Moreover, these engagements are an opportunity to have a feel of the product, and they are more likely to buy it after a delightful experience.

Here’s a quick list of fantastic ideas bound to bring a buzz of excitement your way.

  1. Prize wheels

Prize wheels are fun because it is almost impossible not to win. A good wheel is an attractive gem by itself and will attract people to your booth.

Pack goodies, from simple bookmarks to product giveaways or service discounts. The best part is that everyone will leave the booth a winner, and branding the prizes will ensure they remember and can find the business.

  1. Photo contests

Social media is a key tool for brand visibility. Take advantage of the resource by having a contest with attendees posting photos of your booth on their chosen platform. Choose a winning photo at the end of the day and invite them to the booth for a gift. The contest will have brought great foot traffic, and a means to track your online presence.

  1. Trivia contests

Everyone loves interesting facts, so why not make a fun game? Trivia is a great way to have attendees showcase their knowledge of the industry and educate new potential customers on the product or service. Also, lure casual passers-by with enticing teaser questions outside the booth that pique their curiosity.

  1. Counting contests

Math in small portions is fun and could be an engaging contest using industry-related materials like beads, marbles, or coins. Ask attendees to guess the number of items in jars, write their guesses on the back of their business cards, and drop them in a box. They will drift back to find out if they won and open up the chat to business matters.

  1. Huge games

Bring out the child in every attendee by having jumbo games like Jenga, a giant chess board, or a snakes-and-ladders set. If possible, add product or industry tidbits on the sets to educate while engaging.

  1. Treasure-hunt contest

Place goodies in strategic locations within the booth and invite attendees to be part of the search. A quick chat about the business will be more fun while they search.

  1. Raffle tickets

Raffles are an age-old gem that is simple to manage and easy for the attendees. Have them drop business cards or give an email sign-up raffle for future follow-up opportunities. Pick a winner at the end of the day and offer a fun giveaway.

  1. Arcade or carnival games

Bring the fun of the arcade or a carnival to the booth by having beloved games like ring-toss or Air Hockey. Arcade games are easy to manage and keep attendees pleasantly occupied for at least a few minutes while you gather data or share information.

  1. Charge and check-in contests

Create a contest incorporating a charging station where attendees can check-in by scanning a QR code. Later, send e-gifts or vouchers to the set number of winners directly or to their social media pages.

  1. Sports contest

If you have a substantial budget, invest in a sports contest such as golf. Sports are an automatic crowd puller that will have players flexing their skills in a fun and informal environment.

There is always a great reward for great input. Therefore, invest time, creativity, and financial resources to design engaging activities that draw visitors. After all, the greater reach will have more people engaging with the brand and create room for conversion.